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Annual Assessments

As you know, it is very important each volunteer be up to date with their annual assessments. To make it easier for you to remember, please schedule to complete your annuals the month of your birthday. If WMC’s Volunteer Office was to be audited and volunteers were not compliant this could be problematic for the hospital. I am sure you understand the importance of this and want to thank you, in advance, for completing the necessary steps below:

  • Make an appointment for annual health assessment (and ppd test) in the Occupational Health Center 914.493.8580
  • Review Annual Competency (Click to View or Print Annual Competency).
  • Print and sign Annual Competency Acknowledgement Form (Click for Acknowledgement Form) and return to Volunteer Office.
  • Complete the Volunteer Evaluation (Click to Print Evaluation) with your immediate supervisor and return to the Volunteer Office.
  • Receive annual flu vaccine in OHC or provide documentation to OHC that you received the vaccine.

Please return signed Annual Competency Acknowledgement Form and Completed Evaluation to the volunteer office when you go to your Occupational Health Center appointment.

If you have any questions Contact the volunteer office at 914.493.7850