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Medical Management

Medical Management

The first step for many heart failure patients is medical management, emphasizing lifestyle modifications that can help even those who have struggled with chronic heart disease for years. Patients who quit smoking; track their weight daily to watch for signs of fluid retention; limit their salt intake; lose extra pounds; stay active; and get proper rest become important partners with their team of caregivers.

Close interaction between Westchester Medical Center's cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, nurses and patients, along with an extensive education program for families, increases compliance with prescribed medical regimens. Westchester Medical Center's physicians regularly participate in clinical trials of new drug therapies for patients with heart failure and pulmonary hypertension.

For patients still suffering moderate to severe symptoms despite medication and lifestyle changes, Westchester Medical Center's Heart Failure and Transplant team can coordinate the latest approaches for rhythm management or provide needed surgical or catheter-based interventions to improve heart function

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