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Pediatric Care Clinic PCMH

About Us

Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a way of providing primary health care in which a team of healthcare professionals get to know your child, your family situation, your medical history and current health issues in order to work with you so that your child gets the best care possible. They provide you with a care plan that fits your child and your family.

Within the PCMH we work in teams that include a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, care coordinator and social worker. When you first join the medical home, you will select a personal physician for your child.  Your child’s physician will lead the team in planning and taking care of your child. They will all have access to your child’s electronic medical record and will work in partnership with you, and your family when appropriate, to give your child the best care possible when you need it.

The PCMH is part of the Westchester Medical Center which means you and your child are connected to this region’s most advanced medical care and referral hospital.

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Location and Contact Information

Medical Home Location
Westchester Medical Center
Pediatrics Care Clinic
Cedarhood Hall Lower
100 Woods Road
Valhalla, NY 10595

Pediatric Care Center (PCC)
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9am - 5pm
Tuesday: 8am - 5pm

Making Appointments
Phone: (914) 493-7667
Please call during hours of operation listed above.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)?
It is a model of care in which a team of healthcare professionals get to know your child, your family situation, your child’s medical history and current health issues and work collaboratively to build a trusting relationship that results in your child getting the best care possible. They provide you with a tailored care plan that best fits your child and your family.

What does “whole person” mean?
It means that your child’s personal doctor works with you to make sure all your child’s care needs are addressed. If your child needs care that your personal doctor cannot provide, a member of the Medical Home team will help to ensure that your child gets that care. This includes care for all stages of life; acute care; chronic care; behavioral health; preventive services; and end of life care.

What is your child’s Medical Home’s responsibility?
It is to:

  • Help you address any health issues including behavioral health needs your child has throughout your child’s lifespan by providing comprehensive care.
  • Help you find resources in your community that may benefit you and your family.
  • Offer services your child needs from any member of the medical home team in a timely manner.
  • Offer assistance in addressing things that may negatively affect your health.
  • Help you build a care plan that addresses your child’s health goals.

Who is your child’s Medical Home team?
Your child’s team may include a doctor, nurse/LPN, nutritionist, care coordinator, social worker and a therapist. They will help your child get healthy, stay healthy and get the care and services that are right for your child.

What will your child’s Medical Home team do?

  • Get to know your child, your family situation, your child’s life situation likes/dislikes.
  • Treat you and your child as full partners in your child’s care.
  • Communicate with you and your child in a way that ensures we all understand each other.
  • Give you and your child time to ask questions and answer them in a way that you can easily understand.
  • Make sure that you understand all your child’s options for care.
  • Help you decide what care is best for your child.
  • Ask you for feedback about you and your child’s experience.
  • Provide your child with evidence-based care and self-management support.

What does evidence-based care mean?
Evidence-based care generally refers to approaches to prevention and/or treatment that are validated by some form of documented scientific evidence. In other words, it means the methods or practice has been tested and found to work well.

What does self-management support mean?
In addition to helping you manage your child’s condition, your Medical Home team will provide you with self-management support. Self-management means the tools, training, and skills by which patients with a chronic condition, disability, or disease can effectively take care of themselves. Your child’s PCMH team will provide you with the support in the form of education, encouragement and helping you navigate through the various resources you need in order to take care of your child.

Please click CLICK HERE to be linked to evidence-based care and self-management support resources

What is your role as the patient’s parent/guardian?

  • Provide us with your child’s full medical history and the health of your family.
  • Tell us about all the medications your child is taking. This includes over the counter and/or vitamins.
  • Bring all your child’s medications (including medication that was not prescribed by your child’s doctor) with you at every visit. If any of your child’s medications needs to stay in your fridge, do not bring it. You can just write on a piece of paper the name, how your child takes them and when.
  • Make sure you tell us if you child recently saw another doctor, gone to ER or was admitted to any hospital.
  • Provide a point of contact to help coordinate any transition of care.
  • Learn about your child’s health problems and take an active role in your child’s care.
  • Try to follow the care plan that you and your child’s medical team have agreed upon. If you are struggling with your child’s care plan, talk to us about it.

How do you access medical advice during and after office hours?
During office hours: Please call (914) 493-1337 and someone will answer. If no one picks up, it is because they are on another call or with a patient. Please leave your name, number, your child’s name, your child’s date of birth and reason for your call on the voicemail and someone will call you back with clinical advice within one hour. If your call is about medication renewals and forms, you will receive a call back in one business day.

After office hours, weekends and on holidays: Please call our answering service at (914) 493-1337 and someone will answer. They will ask for your name, number, your child’s name, your child’s date of birth and reason for your call. A doctor will call you back within one hour of your call.

Hours of operation
Monday - Friday, 9am – 5pm and Tuesday, 8am- 5pm

Making appointments
To make an appointment, please call (914) 493-7667, Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 5pm and Wednesday from 7:30am to 7pm.

You may also make an appointment in-person during regular operating hours.