Coronary Bypass Surgery

Coronary Bypass Surgery

Coronary bypass surgery, also called coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), is a surgical procedure performed to improve blood flow to the heart muscle. CABG is indicated when patients have severe three vessel coronary artery obstruction with progressive angina or complicating a heart attack (myocardial infarction). A heart attack is caused by a blockage in one or more coronary arteries preventing adequate blood flow to the heart muscle. CABG bypasses the blockage using various arteries and/or veins from a patient's body, thereby restoring blood flow to the heart muscle.

Multiple Arterial Bypass Grafts

Multiple arterial bypass grafts (ABGs) are a superior approach not commonly offered by cardiothoracic surgeons. Westchester Heart and Vascular's Coronary Bypass Surgery team frequently performs multiple ABGs in some of the most complex patients. Our team possesses a high level of experience in these procedures, especially among critically ill patients.

Multiple scientific studies over the course of many decades have shown that in patients with significant coronary artery disease, CABG provides better long term relief of angina symptoms than medicines or stents while also prolonging a patient's life. Furthermore, multiple studies have shown that the best bypass technique is to use multiple arteries to bypass the blockages. The use of both Internal Mammary arteries and radial artery demonstrates superior patency as compared to saphenous vein.

However, few centers in the United States perform a significant number of multiple arterial bypass grafts because it is a more technically challenging procedure and takes more time. Our team at Westchester Medical Center Cardiothoracic Surgery has one of the highest rates of multiple arterial CABGs in the country. We have the clinical expertise and take the time to provide you or your loved one with the best surgery possible.

Superior Bypass Surgery Outcomes

Coronary bypass grafting comprises a large part of our practice. The age range, acuity, spectrum of severity and comorbidities in this group truly constitute "high risk," tertiary referral patients, yet the outcomes have been excellent.

Our coronary bypass surgery results have consistently compared very favorably with those reported by the New York State Department of Health Cardiac Surgery Advisory Committee.

blocked arteries grafting on arteries
Heart with Blocked Arteries

Heart After Coronary Artery
Bypass Grafting

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