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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a volunteer?
First, please complete our online application form and reference form. After they are received, we will process the paperwork and contact you to set up time for an interview with a Supervisor of Volunteers and discuss placement for you in the program. Following the interview, we will register you for hospital orientation. This process may take 5-6 weeks to complete as it is our responsibility to screen our volunteers carefully.

How will I be trained?
All volunteers must attend a hospital orientation prior to volunteering in the hospital. You will also receive a departmental overview when you receive your assignment in the hospital.

I would like to volunteer because I am considering a career in healthcare.  Will I be able to do this?
Volunteers do have a wide range of contact with a variety of staff members; however, the program is not structured to provide a mentoring or observational experience. All volunteer assignments are non-clinical in nature.

Can my group/school/company come for one day and visit patients and families?
We appreciate your generosity; however, we cannot accommodate group volunteering. Your group is invited to participate in our "Third Party Fundraisers" program.

Does the hospital accept donations?
Westchester Medical Center will accept donations of new underwear and socks, sweat shirts, sweat pants, plain tee shirts, slip-on sneakers, slippers and flip-flops in all size ranges from XXL to small. These items will be provided to patients whose belongings were required to be discarded for health and safety reasons. In addition new or nearly new (dry cleaned) coats or jackets are needed during the fall and winter months.