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PET/CT Center

PET / CT Center
WMCs Advanced Imaging proudly offers the Philips Vereos PET/CT.  The Vereos is an advanced system that improves diagnostic accuracy with reductions in radiation doses and scan times, enhancing overall patient experience. We offer comfortable waiting areas with access to TV and WiFi. Enjoy a quiet and relaxed atmosphere while listening to music during your exam.

What is PET/CT?

A Positron Emission tomography/Computer tomography scan known as a PET/CT scan is an advanced imaging test that detects biochemical abnormalities in your body. A radioactive drug containing glucose, called and FDG tracer, is injected into a vein in either your hand or arm and is absorbed by your tissues and organs. The PET detects the radioactivity emitted by the FDG, and the CT provides fine anatomical detail so that combined PET/CT allows for early and highly accurate detection of disease.


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Please contact the Advanced Imaging Center at 914.493.2500 or e-mail with any inquires. 

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Please contact the Advanced Imaging Center at 914.493.2500 or e-mail with any inquires. 

Gerard, Perry S., MD
Perry Gerard, MD
Director of PET/CT
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Parmett, Steven, MD
Steven Parmett, MD
PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine
Sonke, Pierre-Yves J., MD
Pierre-Yves Sonke, MD
PET/CT and Nuclear Medicine
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