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Wound Care

Integrated Wound Care

Westchester Medical Center offers both an outpatient wound care program and an inpatient consultative wound care service

Outpatient Wound Care

Westchester Medical Center offers advanced outpatient therapy for the management of diabetic wounds and ulcers, as well as slow-healing wounds resulting from serious traumatic injuries, infections and soft tissue radiation injury. Outpatient wound care treatment programs operated in partnership with RestorixHealth®, a national wound care-management company.

The Westchester Medical Center Wound Care Program tailors care for each patient, which can include the removal of unhealthy tissue (debridement), biologics, hyperbaric oxygen and other wound care therapies. Program providers conduct a thorough review of each patient’s medical history during an initial consultation and may request non-invasive tests to help identify optimal treatment options.

Slow-to-heal wounds can be painful and dangerous and can cause an individual discomfort, alter the individual’s lifestyle and increase infection risks. Underlying conditions such as diabetes, circulatory issues or radiation treatments also can impede the healing process.

Westchester Wound Care Program offers healing solutions for:

  • Foot/leg ulcers or wounds
  • Surgical wounds, skin grafts and surgical flaps 
  • Symptoms occurring at or near a point of radiation therapy (such as pain, rectal or bladder bleeding) 
  • Osteomyelitis (bone infection)
  • Crush injuries

Patients seeking outpatient wound care can schedule an appointment at Westchester Medical Centers Valhalla, NY location by calling 914.493.1500


Inpatient Wound Care

Any specialty or service can request a consultation for advice on the optimum approach to healing a wound, including chronic and complex wounds due to a variety of conditions.