Heart Failure

At Westchester Medical Center, we stand ready to collaborate with primary caregivers to provide the highest level of care to CHF patients. Our specialists have helped thousands of people lead healthier and more active lives.  We offer comprehensive, individualized therapies for patients at every stage of heart failure, including:

  • Heart Transplant Program
  • Mechanical Circulatory Support
  • Medical Management
  • Rhythm Management
  • Ventricular Assist Devices
  • State-of the-Art Medications
  • Interventional Services including Catheter-Based Interventions
  • Surgical Treatments

Specialized Heart Failure Team

Our multidisciplinary heart failure team includes heart failure/transplant cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, physical therapists, pharmacists and social workers, all of whom have received advanced education in this specialty. The team has been together for many years and has achieved outcomes among the best in the nation, helping thousands of people lead healthier and more active lives. 

About Heart Failure

The heart is a muscle in the center of the circulatory system responsible for pumping the blood to the vital organs of the body. Any disruption in the heart’s ability to squeeze (systolic dysfunction) or relax to accept blood (diastolic dysfunction) results in heart failure. Cardiomyopathy is the common term that means the heart muscle is weakened.

Heart failure may be caused by existing diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes. A heart attack can also result in heart failure, as can abnormalities in the heart valves. Inflammation of the muscle (myocarditis) and certain toxins can also resulting cardiac failure. Though rare, heart failure can be passed down from parent to child.

The symptoms of heart failure may include reduced exercise capacity, fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, ankle or abdominal swelling, palpitations, dizziness and/or fainting.

Diagnosis & Treatment
After a comprehensive discussion and physical exam, one of our heart failure physicians will recommend a variety of tests, which may include blood tests, X-rays, echocardiogram, exercise test and possibly an angiogram or heart biopsy.

The goal of heart failure treatment is to improve function and quality of life, and extend longevity. The first line of therapy is usually a combination of medications to help strengthen and reduce the work of the heart, and inhibit substances produced in the body that may worsen your condition. We tailor the specific regimen to each patient depending on the reason why they have developed heart failure. When indicated, bypass surgery or valve surgery may be recommended to improve cardiac function and alleviate symptoms.

Lifestyle changes are also essential and include exercise, diet, weight reduction and smoking cessation. Our heart failure team will educate you about your condition and work with you and your family to achieve your goals. Complimentary therapies will also be discussed and include mental imagery, art therapy and other modalities.

If your condition does not improve in spite of the above approach, advanced therapies at Westchester include cardiac transplant and mechanical circulatory support.


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