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Procurement Opportunities

Welcome to the Procurement Opportunities page of Westchester Medical Center. As a public benefit corporation, Westchester Medical Center procures goods, services, and construction on a competitive basis so as to ensure the prudent and economical use of public funds. This page provides suppliers and contractors interested in doing business with Westchester Medical Center information about procurements solicited by the medical center and its procurement related policies and procedures. 

Below you will find Invitations for Bids (IFBs), Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and Requests for Information (RFIs) recently issued by Westchester Medical Center. Notices of IFBs and RFPs are posted in the New York State Contract Reporter fifteen business days before the bid/proposal due date and in the Journal News at least five calendar days before the bid/proposal due date.

Westchester Medical Center is an equal opportunity contracting entity.

Procurement Guidelines and Procedures

Procurement Policy

Invitation for Bids

Name Date of Issuance  Due Date 
Fire Damper Inspection Testing and Maintenance (WMC-07219) 11/15/2023   12/8/2023

Pavement Repairs at Baker Avenue (WMC-03829)

10/4/2023  11/9/2023 

Pharmacy 2nd Floor At MidHudson Regional Hospital (WMC-02956)

 8/29/2023 10/6/2023 
WHN-03512 Comprehensive Courier Services  6/21/2022  6/28/2022 
Comprehensive Courier Services (WHN-03512) 6/7/2022   6/28/2022 
Westchester Medical Center – For Comprehensive Window Cleaning Services & Pressure Washing/Building Façade Cleaning Services  4/19/2022  5/10/2022 
Westchester Medical Center – Nuclear Camera Replacement 4/11/2022  5/3/2022 
MidHudson Regional Hospital – X-Ray Installation TMP318  3/10/2022 4/4/2022 



Requests for Information

Name Date of Issuance   Due Date 

Requests for Proposals

Name Date of Issuance  Due Date 
Transplant Team Air Transport Services
11/28/2023  12/19/2023 

Underwriter Services (WMC-06299)

 6/27/2023 7/19/2023 
Website Transformation 5/4/2023 5/25/2023 

Project Management - New Bed Tower (WMC-05414)

 3/3/2023 3/24/2023 

 Single/Sole Source Justification Form